So as you’ve probably seen over at the main blog, a pretty serious project has started for programming a game thus far. I call it CosmoViking (space viking: already taken), and it will be along the lines of games like Taipan!, Pirates!, and Privateer. Read more about it here.

I plan to have this game up and running in the near future, I have finished putting the touches on the Ships class, the systems class, and the game file as of now. My next order of business is to work on the exploration and system battles. The planetside settlement/trading/pillaging/etc. will likely be the last thing I add. A lot of work to get to the last part!

If you want to keep caught up on the aspects, check out the blog. I make updates there, under the programming and CosmoViking tags.

My plan is to get a game together that can be ported easily to Win8 (since that’s what I have), Win8 phones, Android phones, and MAYBE iOS systems. I don’t know about that last one since I don’t have any capabilities of testing it, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

I’ll have screenshots up here once I get more into the graphics and the displays, which will be even after the planetside options. I want the game up and running textually prior to graphically, that way I am certain the game infrastructure is solid before I slop paint on top of it. I may have an alpha release prior to that, maybe. I’ll let you all know.

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