Another project, Another poker in the fire

Whiteboard Programming

This time we’re returning to the ol’ roots. I want to make a game for a mobile platform (that can also be played on my Windows 8 machine) that brings out the most enjoyable things for me from these games: Taipan!, Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Wing Commander: Privateer.

The game will be space exploration mixed with settlement mixed with trading. I’m getting the programming together (as you can see by my whiteboard) of the mapping system, and will be working on the game setup in bits and pieces as time continues. I want a game, like Taipan, that’s open ended and you can continue as long as you can keep up your ship (or you can retire at a certain point), I want a game like Pirates where you’ve got a variety of things to trade over quite a bit of space and a relatively easy mapping system for travel, and I want a game like Privateer where you can make your money in a variety of fashions (bounty missions, merchant trading, exploration).

Yes yes, I realize Chris Roberts (the guy behind Wing Commander games) is already doing something similar with Star Citizen, and I am certain I will heart that game to death just like I heart privateer.

However, I think that having a mobile/Win8 platform to game on is important. And as far as my game is concerned, it’ll be something that’s pretty easy to play on a mobile device. Also, it’ll be something where you can take a few turns then take a break. Good for a 15 minute work break, a half hour subway ride, or a 5 minute toilet break. It won’t be graphic intensive (though I am going to be relying on Keith to get images up and ready for various things).

More interesting to me will be the random galaxy mapping (for each new game, a new system is mapped), more story than any of the above had as far as new systems are concerned or bounty missions are considered, and an easy turn based action that isn’t too complicated to learn, but has enough action and options in it to be fun to play.

The bottom line is I want to play Taipan, but my current Apple Emulator doesn’t work on Win8 and my Apple 2GS is out in my storage shed.

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