This is my little slice of the internet.  I’ve been considering this “return” to Froyd.net for quite some time now.  There have been a lot of distractions on the way though, the chiefest being Google Plus and Facebook.  Actually, let’s be honest: it was facebook.

To understand what I mean, it’s perhaps best that I cover the history of Froyd.net for all y’all.  This is, in fact, something around the 8th or 9th iteration of the site.  It’s about the 5th iteration of the blog part (which now makes up the site).  That aside though, the history:

Froyd.net was started back in 2000.  It was back in the beginnings of the internet, and I thought it’d be cool to have a central place for my friends to sit and talk.  This was around the time of MSN Messenger and ICQ, but I thought asynchronous discussion (oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t call it that) *cough*a comment board, would be more useful with everyone all over the country.  My high school friends all joined on.

Soon after, I set up a philosophy section for my friend Shane Wahl, a video game section for my friend Eric Kuha, and a movie review section for my friend Jake Westrum.  There was a good deal of content from each of them over the next couple of years, but eventually interest in that aspect of the site died down.  The comment board ran rampant however.

Due to that aspect of the site dying, I redesigned the front end of the site with more of my things such as writing, pictures from a Eurospring adventure and things of that nature.  Eventually, in spring of 2004, I started a class at Bemidji State University called Weblogs and Wikis.  That was the start of the blog.  Over the next 6 years or so, I ran rampant on the blog discussing news, video games, irritations with my work at the hospital, and moving out to California and my7 graduate work.  It eventually slid to the edge of my attention as things took off there.

In 2011 or so, the experiment of the comment board was shut down, and I pulled the previous blog’s content (over 6000 posts).  I started a new blog that helped me explore my faith and thoughts on those issues.  It lasted a few months before that slid to non-use as well.  I took that one down January of 2013 and have put this newest iteration up.

My plan for this blog is to highlight ideas that I’m working with as far as Mythological Studies is concerned, books I’m reading, thoughts on links in general, and things of this nature.  You may ask what is changing this time, and why I won’t stop posting now.  I can’t guarantee that won’t happen, but when it comes down to it I’ll be cutting way back on Facebook.  Scott Kurts of PVP Online wrote this a while back, and it really really holds true for me.

So now you know my adventure, and we’ll get to it.

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