Smoked beef! Smoked pork! Smoked venison!

The brine is setting in a snowbank cooling down, it has about 9 roasts in it, getting all soaked so as to avoid drying out after 8-10 hours in the smoker. Also, the brine adds tasty tasty flavor (bay leaves, pepper, a bit o’ onion and a bit o’ garlic, and a bit o’ other things).

Also, I realize that brining and smoking it technically makes it “processed” which means it leads to an early death.

However, since three roasts belong to my parents, and the rest of them are going into the freezer for lunch/soup meat, well…screw you, BBC.

In all actuality, though, my daily in take of processed meats is well under the recommendation listed by the article…soooo. Yeah. I have plenty other bad habits shortening my lifespan.

I am, at some point in the future, going to make some bacon. I would also like to build a smokehouse in actuality (rather than a propane smoker) because I’d like to cold smoke some meats.

Dang. Now I’m all hungry, and I won’t be smoking until Saturday.

Making the bread

I am totally makin’ the dough. I am hoping this will be the last batch using commercial yeast, for no other reason than a different taste profile (hopefully) and returning to some extent what worked back in the day.

I was talking to my grandmother last night and she mentioned how everyone used to have a starter yeast on the counter, mainly because they baked every couple days, but that was the way it was. I don’t mind bringing back this little piece of history ($8 a jar for yeast strikes me as ridiculous when I can grow it for free). A bit of nostalgia for making things yourself versus buying things brand new is a common thread through a number of my lesser hobbies.


I haven’t purchased bread in about 4 months (with the exception once of rolls for some soup once). It’s great. It’s healthier than what I would normally purchase for the price, I know what goes into it, and on the whole it works out well.

Nothing says delicious like home made bread. It’s great out of the freezer, but nothing is as good as a slice of bread off the loaf about 20 minutes after it’s out of the oven.

Because I like my bread like I like my 1950s comic relief: face-slappingly fresh!

Basswood Honey vs. Alfalfa honey

Basswood honey is clearly superior. Alfalfa honey has less of a flavor to it…there’s less of that honey note and it ends up being slightly tastier corn syrup.

Basswood honey, though? Very strong honey flavor. So delicious.

Also, between the two: Basswood honey makes better mead. The honey notes come through more and you know it’s some good stuff.

Also, basswood honey flavors coffee better. No foolies.


The oatmeal is right. Sriracha is fantastic. It’s also the only way to eat spinach salad: a drizzle of that, some ranch, a piece of bacon, and lots of spinach makes a great lunch. And that’s saying something coming from me, when I usually don’t seat salad.

Or greens.

Or vegetables.

Or fruits.

Or, let’s be honest, much things healthy whatsoever. So, in helping me eat a spinach salad, kudos to sriracha.