New blog design, back to the grind.  This is the 5th iteration of the blog.  I like the design and how it looks, I’ll not lie.

I plan on writing here a lot more often now.  I post to facebook quite a bit and have for the last 5 years or so…coincidentally matching with the decline of the original blogs.  Likely causing it, actually.  So, whatever I was going to post to facebook, I’m going to post here instead.

A few things that I like about blogging that I’ve missed:

1. In depth discussion

2. Non-commodification of intellectual work

3. Control.

The first about discussion is an important point to make here.  Facebook, in its “news feed” tends to weed out any effective and workable discussion about any topic whatsoever.  People are given only a tidbit to respond to (and then they have to click to “continue reading”) and that leads to very poor, very fast, and very ill-considered discussions.  The format of Facebook does not allow the discussion to rise very far above the “nuh-uh, you’re wrong!” back and forth.  A lot of it has to do with the way that links are also displayed, undercutting any desire to read them in order to be “the first” to respond to a point.  It is a very effective system for discussing what breakfast foods are the best, not for any in-depth discussions of weightier issues.

The second point has to do with my ideas and my work and my responses to things…they are just that, mine. They are my thoughts and ideas. I am uncomfortable with the way that Facebook is cataloging things and selling the information to outside companies in order to satisfy their profit margins.  The biggest issue has been happening in a couple last months…you no longer can access every thing you’ve posted.  I post quite a bit to facebook, but I’ve noticed I don’t get to see everything I’ve worked on in the last couple months.  This is unacceptable.  I write things for review by others as well as for review myself as time goes by, just so that I can see how my ideas/thoughts/opinions have been adjusted over time.  Facebook is blocking my abilities to review what I’ve done.  Then I realize that this was one of those things that I really appreciated about my blog.  Not to mention the third thing: control.

I control what is seen, what is saved, what is adjusted, what is edited.  I control who responds to it and what is acceptable.  This blog is not run by a mob, it’s run by me.  It’s not run by profit hungry search engines, it’s run by me.  Yes, I realize that my audience is going to be cut drastically because people won’t do the transfer.  But y’know, that’s something I’ll have to live with.