Holy balls.

Wow, I didn’t realize the blog had gotten so behind. Basically, to go with that ol’ burnout post below, I do not have a job and haven’t had a full time one since the end of April.

Corinthian, college of asshats, got dinged harshly (justifiably so) by the DOE with a 30 million dollar fine. They didn’t end up selling my college (the accredited one) because the HLC (the accreditation folks) decided they didn’t like the buyer, so f’ em.

At the time, I had seen it coming (I didn’t have any classes that last term). Figured I’d get fired. That didn’t quite happen, as everybody got shit-canned. Assholes gonna asshole, I guess.

I feel bad for the students, sold a bill of goods, and not even being able to complete it since the school closed down mid session.

There, you’re basically caught up. I’ve been on unemployment, though this summer had a couple classes that helped with paying bills, and this fall has a couple more that will help but not supplant unemployment. I’m on medical assistance (which sucks) but there it is.

There you’re caught up.


I’m still walking, so that’s good. I’m glad that I started doing that for lent…otherwise, I’d probably just be sitting like a bump on a log. This term has been very challenging from a teaching standpoint, and I am thinking that I’m approaching burnout. I’ve been literally doing this job since October 2009 without any time off. With online teaching there are no breaks between terms, few holidays, and Christmas is pretty much the only week we have to not check into classes.

As a full timer, we can’t have more than a day at a time off, the way the requirements are written. Even then, the requirements are such that if you take one of the weekdays off, you’re either going to have to attend a meeting or get grading done so you don’t really get time off. The most I’ve been able to swing has been Saturdays off. I switch off and don’t enter the classroom.

That’s really not enough, and my general attitude is starting to reflect that. It’s at a point in the job where the kudos are few and far between (the basic “if we’re not bothering you, you’re doing a good job”) while the day-to-day frustrations are at an all time high this term.

I don’t know. Maybe I just need to take a nap.

Two books

In the spirit of tackling my laziness, I’m finally going to get around to reading two books that have been on my list for years: Catcher in the Rye and War and Peace. I missed out Catcher in the Rye in high school due to AP classes, and just never got around to it. Figure it’s time.

As for War and Peace, I loved Anna Karenina. I’m looking forward to reading this book translated by the same folks who translated Anna Karenina.

This should take me a bit of time, but I’ve tackled the main thrust of the web work I was doing now, so I may have some more.

Oh, also, my walking has been kept up. Each ‘n every day, haven’t missed one yet.

Lent still a-goin’

Well, I’ve made it over 3 weeks now waking up and walking. So far so good. Luckily the weather has taken an upturn for niceness.

It helps balance out days like today. I was told by a student he didn’t want me as an instructor, and that he was done logging in to the course. I probably get stuff like this more than not, but this is the first time it had been publicly said in a team work area of the course. It, of course, makes me feel like a failure. There was no indication prior, no trouble that had been building that I knew of.

*shrug* I can deal with negative feedback, I can deal with students not wanting to be in the course, but when a student decides this and there’s only 3 more weeks in the term and doesn’t say why outside of me as the instructor, it hits a bit of a nerve. The feeling will pass, but it’s awful raw right now.

Lent Day #20

Uff da. This morning was tough getting up. It always is, after daylight saving time in the spring. It’s not so much the time, per se, as any time I sleep in after the DST weekend is tough getting up. It has to do with the light difference. It’s a gradual getting used to it in the morning and the body is ok with it. Then BAM guess what, jerkface!? The government says it’s now an hour later!

There’s a lesson to be learned here about natural cycles and rhythms and government interference, I think.

Still, I’ve been walking every morning and the temperature increasing has helped a lot.

Lent Day #18

Woops, missed a few days! Don’t worry though, I’ve been walking in the morning and being not lazy in the afternoons.

This week there was some PHP programming that needed to be done so that took up my focus on a couple of the days.

On the plus side, yesterday morning was a bit chilly…but yesterday during the afternoon it was beautiful out. It was 28! I was driving around with windows down.

This morning, though there was a bit of a chilly northwest wind, it smelled like spring finally. The last few weeks of subzero temperature seems to have broken. We’ll still probably have two solid snow storms yet (once in March, and then a big dump in April), but summer is a-comin’.

Lent Day #14: Two weeks!

So I’ve gone on daily walks for two straight weeks now. That’s pretty big. Even last summer, I would take a day off now and again. Now I’ve got to keep it up.

Anyway, a sad thing happened yesterday. My small coffee maker bit the dust. No more coffee from that. I could have run down to Target and gotten another one, but I’m a bit strapped for cash until Friday…as such, I’ve got a camp coffee percolator out in the trunk of my car (from when I had roadtripped for the summer a couple years back). So, instead of doing the smart thing and just getting a new coffee maker, I got out the percolator.

As more time passes, I am starting to see the smarts in these “prepper” folks: they’re the ones who have stockpiles of food and supplies in case disaster strikes. Sure, they’re thinking WAY longer term than I usually do, but having a backup for when electricity dies isn’t a bad idea.

Lent Day #13

Woops, forgot to post yesterday. Got both walks in.

I made popovers this weekend, and those turned out quite well. We had them for dessert yesterday (with the folks) and then I stopped by grandma’s house and we had the last two for coffee break. Basically, I just sawed off the top, put strawberries and chocolate syrup in them. They turned out quite well.

Other than that, though, it was a nice relaxing evening. With the exception of the high pitch buzz coming out of my furnace motor. That’s really annoying and I’ll be calling the folks who installed the furnace to come and look at it.

Lent Day #11

I slept in until 8 this morning. It was glorious. Since today is the day of rest, I let myself do so. That’s something that I never really appreciated the last few months, the ability to sleep in as late as I wanted. It kind of becomes routine.

So one thing I’ve been doing since Christmas is watching one episode of The Real Ghostbusters every Saturday morning. It helps to relive the old days of Saturday Morning Cartoons. That coupled with my planning of having Saturdays off helps set the tone for the rest of the day. I suggest you all watch cartoons on Saturday mornings of whatever stripe. The mid to late 80s cartoons are probably the best, though the early 90s Disney cartoons are really solid too.

Oh, yeah, also got my walk in. It’s different walking when it’s light outside.