Consulting Services

FroydTech offers a variety of consulting services. There are a number of new developments each and every day in the realm of business and home-based technologies. In the realm of business technology, this usually revolves around website techniques and programming (we offer custom programming as well as SEO consultation and content work). For home, this currently revolves around the Internet of Things and involves hooking up various things to networked control hubs (such as Amazon Alexa or Dot, Google Home, and others). If you are in need of fresh ideas for your business or non-profit, we’re here to help without breaking the bank!

Custom Programming and Website Consulting

WordPress Focus on Plugins

Do you want to add functionality to your site, but not quite sure how to do so without breaking everything? Is your current web designer out of the office? Hey, we get it. Life happens….and we can help.

From Google Maps API to Gravity Forms to WooCommerce, FroydTech has experience working with all of these plugins. Not sure if you’ll need SSL? Not sure how to style the plugin so it works with your theme? Not sure what the devil a plugin is? Boy howdy, do we have answers for you and we’re right in downtown Bemidji!

Basically, if you’re on a WordPress site, you’re working with a content management system (or CMS) that is first class. It’s also versatile and easy to use! With that ease, though, comes a lot of folks programming a lot of functions, giving you a lot of options. We’ll help you cut through the massive information overload and find not just the right plugin, but the right styling to make it fit for your site.

Don’t have WordPress and you still want additional functionality? Well, you’re at the right spot. I mean, the “tech” in FroydTech stands for technology after all! I’ve done extensive work in both Javascript and PHP (both are programming languages which are integral to the way that websites function). With some custom coding, and a dash of HTML and CSS, we can fix you right up.

SEO/Content Work

FroydTech focuses on SEO in the fact that it is great for content. Some folks think Search Engine Optimization is one of two things: either skullduggery to get on google’s good side, or more content (after all content is king!). It’s neither of those.

SEO, for lack of a better definition, is adjusting and tweaking your content so that it fits your audience better. Who cares if you’re first on Google if the people clicking you aren’t going to buy your product or be interested in your services? What you need, rather, is content that really hits the key audience you want to reach.

Yes, keyword adjustment is part of that…but it’s not the only part. SEO focuses mainly on tightening your writing…making it good. No offense to your content, but I’m guessing that the person who wrote it didn’t have a BFA in Professional Writing and a Master’s Degree in English….and if they did, they likely didn’t have 10 years of experience working in the field.

FroydTech has all that, and we’re more than willing to put that experience and education to work for your project!

General Consulting/Idea generation

Say you want to upgrade your home with the internet of things…or perhaps you don’t know what the internet of things is, and now you’re interested….say no more! We offer consulting services based on the current technology and trends.

If you want to control your lights with audible signals, your home security with your smart phone, or your thermostat with a voice command, we can help you find the technology that will work best for you. We’ve played around with many of these things (such as the Amazon Dot, Alexa, and Google Home…not to mention the arduino system) and can help steer your path, saving you time and money.

In fact, we work closely with GnomeInc which sets up systems focused on indoor climate control for plants, monitoring soil conditions and humidity for light, temp, and watering control!