$#*&6′ prebuilt computers

So Froydtech bought a Lenovo the other day. It was a good price for a processor, ram, mobo, and dvd player. I figured I’d be upgrading it as I went on. Good thoughts, right?

It reinforced my disgust with pre-built computers. The past few computers I’ve built myself. This one? The last one I’ll buy pre-built.

Between the integrated graphics card drivers not working (and not being able to update them through the download FROM LENOVO’S SITE), to the proprietary motherboard power connector, it was a pain in the butt.

You can read all about it Upgrading a Lenovo H50 at Solvetechproblems.com

Wordcamp Minneapolis

This conference has been pretty stellar all around. It was very organized, the schedule was very clear, and the presentations have been very helpful thus far. The thing I think I’m most impressed is the availability for the three main tracks having to do with WordPress information: programming, business development, and design.

I think I made the move to at lease one presentation from each track, and for the most part it’s been well worth my time.

Now we’re talking roughly basic customer support, and it’s saying a lot of things that I’ve run into before, but still useful for most folk.

It’s been a very stellar conference.

Oh also…

The $35 (including shipping) I spent for the extended battery life on the netbook has been the best purchase I’ve made for the plucky lil’ machine. The second best was the extra RAM module, but I never ran it at the factory installed RAM rate, so I am not sure for a point of comparison. All I know is that I was able to program on the netbook pretty much all day without having to recharge it.


Also: less heavy and less hot than most conventional laptops.

Also also: It is over three years old and still running like a champ.

Ok, done now. Time to sleep in preparation for the snowstorm tomorrow.

and so begins…

the reinstall process of my windows information. Turns out it’s a bit worse than I thought, I lost two albums. Pretty sure the entire history of my emails is gone, but I’ll know more once I get windows installed and running.

All of this came on because I borked my Pocket Edge a week ago. Windows is horrible for terminal commands and working with it, so I tried to get it working by running Ubuntu off my flash drive (which, Debian worked GREAT, I should have stuck with them…) but something wasn’t working the way it ought to have, so I tried installing Ubuntu (because it wasn’t running properly off the flash drive). That, boys and girls, was my mistake. I should have realized if the Ubuntu 13.whateverthef release they’ve got out now wasn’t working from the Flash Drive, the install from the same would have been stupid.

I will fully admit that it was stupid to try it. This is all on me.

Sadly, this is more or less the way things go when I try to fix things. More often than not I make things worse instead of better. And we’re not talking “kinda worse” we’re talking “unusable destruction worse.” *sigh*

And since ye olde edge still didn’t get fixed with all the options available and different ways over at the forums, I’ve swallowed my pride to ask them for any direction they can give me. I highly doubt folks who were on top of things a year ago are still around, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Just another day in the life o’ Froydo.


dammit. DAMMIT.

F me.

I guess I’m disappointed in myself. I think I lost a $5 album (zz ward), as well as my Android layout programming. All the java programming had been backed up on my netbook. All my music was on my netbook.

The biggest BULLSHIT is that I think I lost my thunderbird emails. I’m not sure if I backed them up or not…if I didn’t, then I’ve lost pret’ much everything. If I did, then I’ve got everything through December.

Dammit. This is a bummer.


I would like to thank Ubuntu for wiping my windows partition, my winxp partition, AND my shared partition from the face of the planet. It’s ok. It’s not like ANY OF THOSE FILES WERE IMPORTANT TO ME YOU SONOF@(*&$#()*&@#(@*&#)(*@#&)(%*&$%$(_&*#)(*&@!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, at least I know what I’ll be doing…all day tomorrow.


This OS is the bane of my existence, it really is.

Look, I love open source. It’s great. It’s free, it’s generally more reliable and less virus prone, it’s not full of corporate hacks that force crap you don’t want down your throat…it’s better for those reasons.

UNFORTUNATELY IT NEVER WORKS. And then you spend a full hour trying to figure out WHY it never works, and you’ve got a f-ton of forums to try and read through and none of them make any sense because they’re all using different builds of the software with half a billion packages that could get screwed up, and it’s a mess.

A huge stinky mess.

I love open source…I just really hate linux.

Also, I think I like Debian way more than I like Ubuntu.