Tablets ‘n such

So I’ve had my tablet for over a year now, a Kindle Fire HDX 7″ that I bought on sale last year, with the 64gb built in memory.

I’m not sure what other folks buy their tablets for, but this one was bought specifically so I could read digital comics. I’ve tried playing some games on it, but they’re not really great (since Amazon locked the store, and it’s not hooked up to Google Play). Watching movies on it is fine, through Prime or by transferring movie files over. Still, I don’t tend to watch many movies on a 7″ screen.

Kindle books, of course, work really well. But I’ve got a Kindle HDX for those, and especially for pdf files. I like reading short fiction on it, or novels that read fast. Hence, the enjoyment of reading comics.

I buy them through humble bundle mainly, because they’ve usually got some stellar deals. That has lead me to purchase a few through Comixology (which works well on the fire). I’ve read more comic books in the last year than most other years combined. I had used Marvel Unlimited for a while, but wasn’t reading as much on that so I cancelled. Tough to justify $10 a month for a partial catalog, and very poorly organized comics. I’ll stick with comixology and the humble bundle.

Was the tablet worth $150? For me, I think so. This year’s crop of tablets are WAY cheaper, but would probably work well for what I needed. Buy what you need, not necessarily what you can get. A 10″ would have been nice, but as I’m finding on my Asus Chromebook (the kind that can flip over so you can use it as a tablet), it’s not significantly better…and it is more unwieldy.

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