Contract is over

Overall it was a solid teaching experience. First time I’d ever done team-teaching both in the classroom. Before, out at Ventura College, I had to split a class with a fellow adjunct because they had a limit of 9 credits per term (and each class was 5 credits). So basically, I taught 4/5ths of the course, and he jumped in for a fifth about in the middle.

This time, it was live teaching for an honors class. The first couple weeks were a little awkward as I was trying to figure out how/when I could step up without feeling like I was interrupting or stepping on toes. All in all, it was a good experience.

That, and I finally got to teach a class that focused A LOT on mythology. I’m glad I got that in before I say goodbye to teaching for the time being. I was getting pretty burned out, and its’ become abundantly clear in the last year or so that getting a full time job teaching will require me to move and to teach composition classes for the rest of my life. If it was ONLY one or the other, I’d probably be ok with it. But both combined is trouble.

Composition courses are what I’ve taught the last 10 years, with only a term off here and there due to moving/no classes (though I was still a student). I’ve done most everything to perfect the teaching of composition. Not a lot changes there, and maybe it’s a sign of burnout that I can’t see what could change. So those classes aren’t really fun any longer. Humanities, though, allows me to teach story…we even got to touch on Video Games and Comic books. That was a lot of fun, and I think the students learned something throughout the course. I also got to teach mythology, which obviously was fun.

Anyway, moving for a job isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but as I found out a couple years back, it might not be affordable. I had a friend working in Miami at a university there, and the department was looking for more comp folks. At the time, I was looking for full time work (being an adjunct at a couple colleges to pay bills), so I looked into it. The rent alone would take half the pay each month. Even with income contingent repayment (which I’m on), I wouldn’t be able to pay bills down there. ON a full time salary. That’s why moving isn’t really in the cards right now: the debt load is limiting the amount of money I have to pay essentials…and being single, it’s up to my income alone. Not that it’s such a bad thing, really, as I own the house I pay mortgage on right now…and the mortgage payments (with taxes) are only $285 a month. You can’t find a two bedroom pet-friendly apartment for that nearly anywhere.

So, with the contract over, paying the bills is starting to become a concern. I’ve been working for the last year on FroydTech, LLC (started almost a year ago), so I have a good foundation to build that into high gear. While I don’t have employment in the regular sense, I do have options. It’ll be an adventure, that’s for sure.

Oh, funny aside: I started FroydTech, LLC to earn money to eventually pay for a computer or two that would work with the Omni Virtuix video game treadmills, and so that I could write those computers off on the taxes. Turns out that it was a good idea in more ways than one.

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