Got me a Asus Chromebook

So FroydTech, LLC has decided it can’t deal with my Toshiba laptop anymore. I can’t say I blame me for making this decision. The Toshiba works well for school, but with the teaching phase of my life ending for the time being, it is slow, loud, and unwieldy.

And, to be completely honest, my netbook no longer can hold the water. It was never meant to run a full WinXP install for this long anyway. I put in a SSD about a year and a half ago, and that helped it limp along just a bit longer. It treated me well, being the original teaching computer for me. But it started showing its age…and now even Chrome is slow as balls on the system. Downside: no more actually working on the computer. Upside: now I’ve got a portable DOS games machine.

So, in essence, that leaves me without a reasonable computer to use when traveling or heading down to the coffee shop (or the bar, tbh). Even if I chose to continue using my Toshiba laptop, it’s just too damn big. That’s one thing with laptops that I’ve grown irritated with, especially since my netbook: they’re uncomfortable to use/carry around. Desktop replacements are not for me (after all, my desktops are kick ass).

So rather than lug it around and put up with the insanely loud fan, FroydTech, LLC purchased a Chromebook. Specifically the Asus Flip Chromebook, but to be honest, the tablet side of things probably won’t be used much (but the option is kind of nice). As it stands, it’s got the same battery life of my old netbook (or rather, my old netbook after I bought a much larger battery a few years back), but much much lighter. The screen is good, getting used to the way Google’s OS works is somewhat of a challenge, but I’m getting there.

The screen resolution is passable, but it’s clear, and the keyboard (even if it is quite small), is VERY comfortable to write and type on. It’s actually enjoyable to type on, as it’s not LOUD.

So far I’ve not put the computer through the paces, but as I’ve moved most things I work on into the cloud in the last year or so, this small little piece of deliciousness seems to be made for me. Nice, light, decent set up, and small enough to actually type on in coach in an airplane. Totes sweet and awesome.

Now, obviously, this isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will be able to work through a system like this, nor will they want to deal with the lack of power to run through things. For me, though, it’s spot on.

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