Final class was today…

And with no class next term, kind of an unreal feeling. It’s been a while since I’ve not had anything to do with school for any length of time. It’ll be good to get some other rocks a-rollin’ (like some video game treadmills…*coughcough*).

The students this term were solid, too. Very few issues either in my on-campus course or my online course. Now the grading time is a-comin’, but then that’ll be done. That’s next Monday’s trial for both classes. Should be pretty easy to do, honestly.

It’ll be sinking in then about not having to be involved with schools.

The “oh shit” moment will come out when I realize I’ve got to pay bills somehow. But I’ve taken steps for that, shouldn’t be too much of a worry…but still. It’s a scary thing when you are solely responsible for generating income as a business, as opposed to working for someone else.

All in due time, though. All in due time.

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