Audio books

I’ve never been a fan of audio books, but I’m going to try something different on my morning walks. A bit ago, I bought the Star Wars audio books bundle from Humble Bundle and so I’ve got about 8 books/novelizations to listen to.

I’ve never really done audio books before, so we’ll see how it goes. Thus far, I’m listening to the original radio show of Star Wars: A New Hope. It’s different, for sure, than my normal Pandora stations.

Back to walking.

This summer hit and decreased my walking quite a bit. June was pretty good, but then my on-campus class started in July (had to be there at 7:30), and between that and the heat, my walking declined quite drastically. August came around, and between course prep, vidja games, and things in general, my walking took a huge nose dive.

I gained back a couple pounds as well, which wasn’t great. I’ve not been eating as healthy recently, so I’ve got to get back on that bandwagon too. For lunch, though, I’ve been getting in about three servings of veggies with my sandwich, so that’s something.

Yesterday, I decided enough was enough, and set the alarm for 5 instead of 5:30. If I don’t do anything else, at least I want to get that one mile in in the mornings. Kind of sets the tone for the rest of the day, since things are bit hectic to fit in the 1-2 hour walks in the afternoons any longer.

*shrug* Things will be different, though, once I get those blasted treadmills.

just to be clear

I don’t necessarily want to be happy or overjoyed with work. If it were that, nobody would ever work…and it’d stop being a job. I just want the sense of satisfaction to outweigh the hassles. It’s been a long time since that’s been the case with teaching. So, basically, when you’re doing something for the money that will only hold on so long. I mean, I know people go their entire lives working for the weekend…I can’t do that.

So, with teaching, for the longest time I was putting in my time to get a full time job. I got one. It didn’t change much. I lost that job because the school’s ownership company went bankrupt (caused by something which will start impacting A LOT of public colleges, in fact this credentialing problem is a major outcome of the HLC’s need to prove it’s learned from its failure with my college system, CCI). So I’m pulling part-time adjunct work with the college in town. It’s not enough money, obviously, and I’m still on unemployment benefits.

Yep, feelin’ on top of the world right now: doctorate, multiple masters degrees, a decade of experience, and having to subsist on unemployment and part time work.

Could be worse, though. So I’m thankful that I’m still able to pay my bills, and after 5 months, I’ve only burned through a third of my unemployment. There’s that. I mean, I could be fleeing from war too. Sure I’m in a down mood and not real pleased with life right now, but man…it could be way worse.