Social Media Cleanse

I’m going to give up facebook/twitter for a bit. It’s an odd decision to make since it effectively removes methods of communication from family/friends.

But sometimes it gets to be just too much. For facebook, it’s a constant stream of information, and it’s not even information from EVERYONE, it’s information that Facebook thinks I’d be most interested in. I need a break from that.

For twitter, it’s kind of an empty medium. Twitter on a bad day is very similar to writing a paper made from all quotes (retweets) and the chamber of echoing outrage gets a bit much. On a good day it’s a reminder of (and an insight into) what others are doing, be they friends or celebs.

But I need like two weeks where I can focus on what I’m doing in MY life right now. The last month has been really busy, and the social media was necessary to fulfill obligations there were to a class reunion and the like. That’s over now, so I can go two weeks without it.

Time to get some work done.

Holy balls.

Wow, I didn’t realize the blog had gotten so behind. Basically, to go with that ol’ burnout post below, I do not have a job and haven’t had a full time one since the end of April.

Corinthian, college of asshats, got dinged harshly (justifiably so) by the DOE with a 30 million dollar fine. They didn’t end up selling my college (the accredited one) because the HLC (the accreditation folks) decided they didn’t like the buyer, so f’ em.

At the time, I had seen it coming (I didn’t have any classes that last term). Figured I’d get fired. That didn’t quite happen, as everybody got shit-canned. Assholes gonna asshole, I guess.

I feel bad for the students, sold a bill of goods, and not even being able to complete it since the school closed down mid session.

There, you’re basically caught up. I’ve been on unemployment, though this summer had a couple classes that helped with paying bills, and this fall has a couple more that will help but not supplant unemployment. I’m on medical assistance (which sucks) but there it is.

There you’re caught up.