Lent Day #2: Morning

It’s really cold outside. Like -30F. Consequently, the walk this morning was chilly. It wasn’t as cold as yesterday, though. Yesterday, there was a wind. Also, yesterday I was a dummy who only had a sweater on under a jacket, and only wind pants under my jeans.

This morning, not being lazy meant putting on enough layers and putting the hood of my hoodie AND jacket up at the beginning of the walk. So I had on a sweatshirt, a hoodie, and my jacket, and then I had windpants, jeans, and then another set of windpants on over those.

It was a decent walk this morning.

Oh, also, I would not be able to do this walk if I were wearing gloves. Frostbite is real, folks. Luckily I had my good northern minnesotan leather over wool mittens. Choppers. They’re very nice.

A joke I thought of this morning (or was reminded, not sure if I heard a similar one recently): What would Arnold Schwarzenegger do if he were hunting the Predator in northern Minnesota? He would GET TO DA CHOPPAS!


Also also: technology is not meant to operate at these temperatures. Yesterday, even with the bundles on, my bluetooth headphones and smart phone punked out halfway through my walk. Yes, it’s cold enough that wireless technology is infinitely more buggy and will quit working. I hardlined the headphones this morning, and Pandora got me through peachy-keen.

So far so good, today I was up before the alarm, actually, likely due to the fact I went to sleep at 10 last night (since I was exhausted from waking up at 530 yesterday when I wasn’t used to it). We’ll see if I can keep this up.

It is awfully nice outside walking when the only people up and about and driving are you and the grocery delivery folks next door. Also, it’s a good reminder that the good Lord probably didn’t design me to sit inside my house all day on the computer.

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