Lent Day #11

I slept in until 8 this morning. It was glorious. Since today is the day of rest, I let myself do so. That’s something that I never really appreciated the last few months, the ability to sleep in as late as I wanted. It kind of becomes routine.

So one thing I’ve been doing since Christmas is watching one episode of The Real Ghostbusters every Saturday morning. It helps to relive the old days of Saturday Morning Cartoons. That coupled with my planning of having Saturdays off helps set the tone for the rest of the day. I suggest you all watch cartoons on Saturday mornings of whatever stripe. The mid to late 80s cartoons are probably the best, though the early 90s Disney cartoons are really solid too.

Oh, yeah, also got my walk in. It’s different walking when it’s light outside.

Lent Day #10

Well, it was a pretty solid day. I was up with the alarm, got my 20 minutes in and was back by 6:30. It was pretty cold out, but the lack of wind made it bearable. Other than that, not a whole lot went on today.

Oh wait, I lied.

Leonard Nimoy died, unfortunately. He, as Spock, was always one of the sci-fi folk I remember growing up. Him, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and the star wars crew. The rest of the Enterprise crew wasn’t really that important, there was no differentiation to my childhood mindset. It may have been his ears.

But then when we got History Channel, he was on Histories Mysteries, and ever since watching those on reruns, he was always the calm actor. He didn’t seem to be showy, didn’t necessarily seem conceited, and was always a class guy.

It makes me sad.

So tonight, I’ll be watching Star Trek 2: Wrath of Khan (death of spock) and Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (where he comes back). Sure, it’s escapism, but it seems to be the best way to personally mark his passing.

Lent Day #9: Background Reasoning

-29 windchill this morning. No biggie. This time I was smart: I figured out which way the wind was blowing…and then walked the way that minimized my face to the wind. Huzzah for only taking 9 days to get that! Huzzah!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon missed the weight lifting/shoulder training. I felt kind of bad, but since that was always tacked on to the main form of not being lazy, I’ll call it a “rest day” and do a full round of lifting this afternoon to make up for it. The important thing is that I’ve got my sleep schedule figured out and down pat (just in time for daylight savings time on March 8), and that I’m getting a walk in every morning.

Some people may wonder why a walk was chosen. Well, it’s a precursor to more training I’ll be doing as the year continues. In 2016 I’d like to run a marathon, just to be able to say that I’ve done it. At my current weight, a snowball will last longer in the deepest fiery pits of Hell than I will at a marathon.

Basically what it comes down to is this: every winter, I gain about 20 pounds. This has happened pretty much every year of my life, without fail. I don’t worry so much about it since I’ve been eating far healthier in the last few years than I have my entire life This even happened in California. The only exception was when I was training for Kumdo hard-core and was running/lifting weights (yes, I was running then…I was 75 lbs lighter than I am now). It is something that happens, and it’s something that’s hard-wired into my being due to the weather being what it is.

Every summer, that weight dissipates somewhat, last summer due to walking around a few times a week. I’m not expecting to lose the weight immediately, but this year I am getting a head start on it by starting in February rather than in April. Also, when you step on the scale and see the numbers “318” staring at you, it’s time to start working on that. That was at the beginning of February. Since then, I’ve cut down my beer intake. As of last Wednesday, I’ve been walking. This morning’s weigh-in was 314.3 with clothes on. So figure a +-2 lbs since it’s a digital scale. So I’m losing weight.

Last year about this time I was the same weight, but last summer I was clocking in at 295 lbs. My goal is to beat that by 15 lbs by the end of summer: 280 by September 1st. I think it’s do-able, and if I can give up my lifestyle o’ laziness, then I should be able to tackle it.

I do want to stick around this mortal coil, I’ve got the feeling I’m not done with whatever the good Lord has planned.

Lent Day #8: Morning

From about Sunday to this morning, the lack of the sleep has been killing me. It’s been tough to get up at 530 and I’ve been walking half asleep….like there have been stretches where I’ve walked with my eyes closed. Partially because it’s been so flippin’ windy and cold, but also because they wanted to be closed. Couldn’t stop ’em. Thank goodness I walk at 6am so that there is no traffic on the streets I walk on.

This morning, though? I’m guessing that I’ve gotten on track with asleep by 10 and awake at 5:30. Adjusting the sleep schedule has always been problematic, and I’m not looking forward to daylight savings time because of it. On the plus side, though, this morning was solid.

Also, it’s Wednesday, so that’s good! We made it through Tuesday. My afternoon exercising, even if not posted, has been ongoing, though of varying lengths dependent on what else was going on. The advantage, though, is that at least I’m getting it in. Conquering laziness will happen over time with the good Lord’s help.

Lent Day #7: Morning

Wooo. That 20mph wind was nothing to mess with out there. As I was walking, some snow was all like “hey come and race us!” and I was all like “no way, man, you’re tiny ice crystals, and I’m heavy physical matter!” They giggled and ran away, pushed by the wind.

It was when I got home that I wondered whether or not I had that conversation out loud, and then whether or not I should maybe have a cup of coffee BEFORE going for my walk if I’m going to get up so early.

Lent Day #6: Evening

Well, I didn’t get around to posting this morning, though I did go on my morning walk. I also did some arm routines and back/side muscle workin’ out yesterday afternoon and this afternoon. I’ve been keeping the ol’ vidja gaming to about an hour each time and then doing something else for 15 minutes, so that’s good.

One thing that strikes me as I do this more often is that breaking the mind out of the habit that I’d been in, I notice other things that I should be doing more…and now I’ve got time to tackle them. For instance, brushing my teeth regularly before sleep. Before I never got around to it, and while I’ve not had any fall out, I do worry about more cavities as I get older. So that’s tacked on to the ol’ “don’t be lazy” lent list.

So far I’m keeping to it pretty well. The tendons of my feet are holding up (they’ve been rubbed raw this past week), so that’s the only real issue that’s happened.

Also with the not-being-lazy has been the collection and implementation of some different plans. I mentioned a redesign will likely be happening, and a relaunch of some of my other project websites is in the works as well. I’m going to be trying something new with Inanis the Hooded, which may give me more gumption to get Henki the Mageling done and edited. It’s all up in the air!

After all, as the good book says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

Lent Day #5: Morning

Don’t go outside without layering. If some of that layering means eating a bunch of layer-cake to put on some pounds, that’s even better. It’s quite cold outside.

On the other hand, it was also (outside of the inch of my ski mask exposed to the weather) a pretty nice walk today. I had on jogging pants, then wind pants, then another pair of jogging pants, and then another pair of windpants. I also wore two sets of socks. I had on a t-shirt, then a sweater, then my hoodie, and then my coat…and of course my choppers. So it was a pretty comfy walk.

I’m starting to realize that some of you probably live vicariously through the descriptions of dealing with the cold, and that’s all right I suppose.

Anyway, yesterday I did some more walking in the afternoon rather than lifting anything, so that was good. I’ve been becoming less lazy, and so far things are going well.

Oh, as an addendum to the weather talk, the furnace has been running so much that the house dried out quite a bit. You know that it’s dry because when you pet the cat, the static causes sparks. She doesn’t like that. I, of course, thought it was hilarious. Needless to say, the humidifier is running again.

Got my work done, so now it’s time to have breakfast and read the paper. Then off to ye olde Pony Lake Lut’ran church.

Lent Day #4: Morning

Well, I missed last night’s post, but that’s ok. It was a Friday. Basically the non-lazy business is going well. My video gaming is set to about an hour at a time, and then I go do something else (clean dishes, check on students, etc.). It’s going pretty well. Yesterday afternoon I helped move boxes and books for a bit so that was the activity.

Today is Saturday, and I admit I slept in until 7. I’m a firm believer in the Sabbath, and unfortunately due to jobs and the like, the day of rest has to land on a Saturday. Did that mean I was lazy? Nope. I got up and went for my walk this morning too. The wind chill was pretty bad, something like -11 w/o it, but I survived. Started the car for a bit too, just to be on the safe side.

Saturday is also the one day a week I do not log into classes for school. I am online, answering phone calls, emails, and grading every single other day of the week (including Sunday), but Saturday is when I do something else. Usually it’s web related or just reading or what-not, but it’s for me rather than for a job. So that’s today’s plan. Some friends are in town so I’ll have lunch with them, and then just relax (with the exception of the afternoon activity) the rest of the day.

Before when I’ve tried to implement either a workout plan or a morning activity, I’d always take a day off or plan days of rest from the weight lifting stuff. That doesn’t work for me, I’ve found, for a long term thing. So Lent is the perfect time to test this out and see if I can get it to work long term. 42 days to go!

Lent Day #3: Morning

It’s still difficult to get up at 5:30. My goal this morning was to wake up with the first alarm and pay some bills. My goal was thwarted. I was in bed until 6. But then I got up, started the coffee maker and went for a walk. So, while still being lazy, not totally lazy. After all, it’s only day three.

Anyhoosit, the temperature outside wasn’t bad. It was 8 above, and little wind when I started. About 15 minutes later, the wind really picked up. Luckily the tennis shoes were still warm enough so I didn’t have hideous boot sores this morning. Good times.

It’s still kind of balmy outside, it’s up to 10 degrees…high of 23. That’s pretty good for February.

Also, first payday of Lent! It’s been an interesting last 6 weeks as far as paydays are concerned. I’ve just now started saving up for Christmas (another form of not being lazy). If I don’t make a concerted and focused effort to put the money into savings, I tend to spend it. Consequently, getting it from out of the ol’ checking account helps me be more conscious about my saving and prep for the gift giving seasons as they arise. After all, “Riches won’t help on the day of judgment, but right living can save you from death” (Proverbs 11:4). I’m taking this as “right living,” or at least one way to do it.

Other than that, I have been shanghaied into helping move some boxes for the senior citizen’s center here in town this afternoon, which should take care of the afternoon physical activity.

Lent Day #2: Evening

Thus far, I’m keeping on track. Tomorrow’s walk may be a bit painful. My heels looked like I had spilled some red nail polish on the socks. The boots don’t wear too well when walking. I may try the tennis shoes tomorrow. Dependent on the cold I guess!

Today was busier than normal, it’s halfway through the term at school. This week I’ve been calling students to touch base with them so it’s been a bit busier than I’d like…which means that the afternoon active time is usually later than I’d prefer.

But that’s ok, still got it fit in. I’m working on strengthening arms/shoulders/back, and having the resistance bands helps. I added/adjusted some things to see what will work. The goal here isn’t so much strength training to bulk up, but basically toning up the muscles I do have. Since I want to be doing this every day, it’ll be gradual rather than having “leg days” or “arm days”…more rounded, I guess. I’m just spitballin’ here.

In other news, my car wouldn’t start this evening. Luckily, I can run a power cord from the house to the garage to plug in the charger and the block heater. Won’t have to use the ol’ flamethrower method (a brush burner set on really low put under the engine). Flamethrowers are all cool and such, but in a garage they’d be problematic.

I’d say that today was a success for avoiding laziness. Huzzah thus far.