Making use of my dang calendars

So right now I’ve got half a dozen different devices with a few different calendar options. I’ve got my google calendar, trello, my work calendar, and then a to-do list manager that can be run on the Amazon Echo.

Each term I try to lock down the schedule for the coming 12 weeks. To do that, I would schedule time for the tasks on the calendar as events. It kind of helped, but then the problem was, especially with last term, any thing new that got added tended to upset the apple cart. For instance, they started having us tutor students…this became problematic because of constant reschedules and additions to the schedule. That derailed the events/time scheduling I had set up. I didn’t feel guilt, per-se, but I grew frustrated with myself for not working on the things I had scheduled time for…wasn’t my fault, things still got done, but by having them set up with specific times I felt an affront when something upset those times.

This term I think I’ll do a mix of events/to-do lists each day. I’ll set up some time in the morning to coordinate calendars (something I had not done the last two terms…since going full time, the work calendar needs to coincide with google calendar), and coordinate to do lists. I will probably use the Echo for the to-do lists. That way I can just shout I’m done and it’ll check it off.

I’m hoping this way I can go with the appointments (meetings/tutoring sessions/doctor&dentist visits) to have actual time set aside each day, while the rest of the tasks will be to-do lists. This should allow me a little bit more leeway while helping ensure I don’t forget anything.

That’s kind of the problem with being busy with things you enjoy (teaching, programming, setting things up, data diving, etc.) is that a lot of things need to get taken care of…and it’s sometimes challenging to get things set up to work correctly. I may not be busier than I have previously (last summer, or the two years I was in two grad programs at once), but the stuff I’m doing now needs to be tracked more closely. It’s kind of good times, actually.

Uff da.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that other people can’t see clearly sometimes, even when the truth is right there in front of them. I was asked to come on board with a project, but I needed to see all the info first. I am going to have to tell him that there are only some alternatives, few of them that are actually good or hopeful now that I’ve actually seen the info. I have the feeling I’m going to have to be the ‘bad guy’ here.

*sigh* It’s something that needs to be done, honestly.


I get an enormous sense of satisfaction, still, when I pay bills on payday. After living my entire life with jobs about not knowing if I’d have enough to pay bills during the month, finally being able to do so and not worry about next payday is great.

I look back and am amazed that I never noticed the constant level of stress I was under working several different jobs to make ends meet.

Post-holiday illness

Every year, around this time, I get the crud. It’s not a cold, it’s like a weak-sauce flu.

Every year, I know what causes it too…too much running around all month beforehand. Eating poorly. Getting run down.

Every year, I swear it will be different.

I’m wrong every year. Bllleeeeegggghhhh.

Been 14 years

But I’m an official business person again. Last time around I started up a sole-proprietorship to run a used video game store in Bemidji (loads of people told me it was a bad idea, ran it well for about 13 months, then closed the physical location…about a year later Gamestop opened up in town).

Today I started FroydTech, LLC. I plan on focusing on website support services such as troubleshooting, limited PHP programming, and analytics/SEO support and reporting. I do this already, for the most part, but figure it’s time to start something that can be an operating business eventually. It is all part time, doesn’t interfere with my teaching at all.

Moreover, it is a good foundation for future business endeavours having the LLC in place. I do not plan on advertising or to focus on business growth right now, but it’s in the cards.

Because my goal is to pay off my student loans and house by the time I’m 40…and $250k won’t just land in my lap without me working for it.

Alumni Associations

The alumni assocations at every school I’ve gone to are just another way for the college to try to get even more money out of the former students’ pockets. They are ridiculous. At one of the schools, they just recently started one (apparently the $100k in loans I paid them just wasn’t enough).

Since they’re just starting out, they were asking for quotes or slogans to use. I’ve put together a few that would work for this particular situation:

“Please, god, let one of us get a job!”
“We’re here, we’re broke.”
“Decades of student loans.”
“Tending the soul of the world since no one else would hire us.”
“Our degree is better than a kick to the head, but just barely.”
“We myth your cash, donate now!”