Farewell, Belkin.

My router is on its last leg. The last month has been pretty rough on it, and it has failed more times since switching to MidCo than it had with PBnet. On the other hand, it was failing several times on PBNet over the summer before the switch too.

More worrisome, the orange light is on and the browser settings tell me it’s not connected to the internet.

And yet here I am, posting to my blog over the internet. I’ve done powercycling on it and checked the wireless and wired connections…they still work, but that orange light tells me it’s one hiccup away from not working and that’s no bueno from the teaching online standpoint.

So, I’ve ordered a new one to get here tomorrow. We’ll see if FedEx screws up that order or not.

This router served me well over the last 4 years (just a bit over), but it’s time to move on. Ordered me an Asus. We’ll see if the quality of the Asus router matches up with my over 5 year old Asus netbook.