So back in May, I got me one of them fitbit zips. It’s a pedometer that tracks your steps, uploads automatically to the website where it has charts, graphs, tracking tools for food/calories, and a bunch of other neat stuff. Fitbit tries to socialize the workout, and that’s worked once or twice to get me off my duff and out walking another mile. But that’s not the main purpose of having this system for me.

Even back, 10 years ago, when I was exercising a LOT (due to Kumdo and working out at the hospital where I worked) I never saw the purpose of tracking what I was doing. It was enough that I was doing it. It became something I had to make into a habit and stick with, and otherwise I was screwed. It’s a bit different now with tracking.

This tracking and these numbers are important, not because they give me something to try and live up to everyday (they do), but because they are a reminder that “Yes, I did do that all in one day”…that reminder is important when the diet gets out of hand, or you fall down, or you have a lazy day. The statistics aren’t motivating to “keep doing it,” they’re motivating to pick one’s self up and get back on the wagon.