Upgrading my e-reading

Amazon seems to finally have lowered the price of their Kindle DX platform to an affordable $199. They were also running a special today where I could get a regular Kindle (with ads supported) for $20.

I don’t NEED either device, but for the PDFs that I read, the old Entourage Edge is starting to show its age quite a bit. I’m terrified of that thing losing its battery life, and the Android side is starting to slow way down as well. Since I recently became employed full time, and still have three courses of school left, and plan on getting back into researching mythology quite a bit more, I decided to splurge.

However, I didn’t splurge a whole lot. I also signed up for Amazon’s Credit Card. I know it’s a bizarre situation, since I don’t need or want another credit card. But, they offered $60 off an order, so I signed up for it. I have no problem with credit cards so long as I can stay on top of them, and when I don’t use this one much, it will be acceptable.

So that took $40 off the Kindle DX and I picked up the regular kindle for free. I love my pocket entourage edge for reading the humble bundle ebooks I get, but again, it is showing its age and its battery life is very poor. The kindles will be for the traveling, I think.

This is my celebration gift to myself for getting the full time job. W00tw00t!

Dropping the ball…

The last two years I’ve tried to get a myth journal up and off the ground, with a friend of mine, that I’ve dropped the ball pretty badly on. It seems that today he’s going to go forward with the journal idea on his own, probably hiring a designer to do it, and get it up and running. He still is going with our plans for the running of it, which is great. He’s asked the group of friends to be editors/contributors like we had planned, and is including me in that group.

A lot of folks might be all jealous and such when they hear such news. For my tastes, though, I really fell guilt and regret. Regret that I wasted the last two years when I should have focused more on that project than I had. Guilt mainly for letting this group of friends down.

Sure, I’ve got excuses, sort of. Working three different colleges during the year cuts down the amount of time you can focus on anything, and this journal got bumped to the bottom of the list. I’ve got plenty of ideas, but follow-through seems to be a hassle at times.

On the plus side, I’m getting some opportunities coming my way that may help me cut down the amount of work I have to do in order to pay bills. As such, I should be able to get some of these projects up and running again. This one will move forward a lot more smoothly without me at the helm (which is good), but I’ve got other projects that need my attention too…and getting a full time job will help that quite a bit. From the looks of things, this summer will be insanity…but then things will calm down.