*blink* MARCH!?!?

Whoa…it’s been since the last day of January. Time flies, apparently. Life is still good, just busy…trying to set up some things to really get ideas a-rollin’. I’m hoping Virtuix Omni gets their asses in gear and ships out those treadmills, because I’m jonesin’ for some Skyrim action and I promised myself no Skyrim until I can play it on the Omni. In retrospect, this was a bad decision. Oh well.

The other day, I heard a comment about playing things by ear instead of setting up a schedule. I then realized that, yes, I do have a preference for routine. I think this time difference in the blog post is a good indicator of why I need routines: otherwise, time flies and gets away from me. Hell, it’s been 6 weeks since I last posted here, and it’s not like I’ve got any fewer opinions.

Routine helps me keep in touch with folks, moreso than even Facebook. If I don’t have routine, then I get caught up in the day-to-day and forget the world around what I’m focused on, I guess. I’m guessing that’s what most folks do without necessarily realizing it or bemoaning the fact…times move forward, and you lose track of things that aren’t in your focus area.

Unfortunately for me, that focus area gets pretty tight sometimes, and family, friends, doctor’s appointments, things like that tend to get forgotten or skipped because in my mind I just talked to them. I called a friend who is going through chemo and was shocked they had started him on it already. Turns out 5 weeks had passed since the last time I spoke with him.

I guess I tend not to notice time’s drift as much as I should. Hence the space in between posts on the blog, the need for routine, and the need to schedule what I’m working on each day so I know the timeframes. Otherwise? Hell, I get lost in my own little world.