LIfe’s pretty damn good: catch up post.

Things have finally slowed down a bit around Froydlandia. The holidays were very busy and very stressful (note to self: next year, say no more often). January started out rough with busy busy busy. Mid way through, some close friends ran into some health problems that made life a bit more busy than necessary. But these last couple days and this weekend promise to relaxing.

I’m halfway through my MS in Education in Instructional Design and Technology now. I will be graduating September 16th, if all goes as planned. I’ve made it to the halfway point. Now, knowing myself as I do, no matter how irritated I get with any specific class I am too far in to drop out. That’s a good feeling. It’s a downhill run from here to then.

The Girlfriend is still doing well, and we’re still together even after the busiest holiday season/post-holiday season that I’ve seen in quite some time. She makes me smile, so that’s good.

We have tried a couple different chile recipes recently, one that is awesome (even if it is Vegan), and last night we made bagels for the first time. It’s surprisingly easy, even with the extra step of boiling. They even taste like bagels! Next time, I plan on caramelizing some onions to put in the batch.

Good times. Also, I’ve given up my search for full time employment for the time being. That’s a post in and of itself, however, and maybe will happen this weekend. We’ll see.

But I got sick of looking at the northern minnesota sushi page (even though that stuff is FANTAAAAAASTIC) and the other posts have been kind of whiny so I figured we’d have a solid one to look at until I post again.