Winter break is finally here. The last few months have been hectic, largely due to a flare up of gout that lasted two months and some grad courses that expected far more work than they were honestly worth. Teaching has been going well, the girlfriend is still awesome, and I’m on a forced hiatus from facebook and twitter until 2014.

That bullshit duck dyansty going on now. I don’t care one way or the other, but seeing the same keywords starting to appear in every argument indicates largely that people are being manipulated without even being aware of it. That and I was really close to just lambasting everyone…thus starting a discussion that no one would be happy with, would never end, and which would put me in a foul mood every day for about a week and a half. Instead, to save my sanity and ensure that my break from EVERYTHING this next week stays awesome, I removed myself from the time being from the social networks.

Now it’s time to kick back, raise a few pints, and mess with the occulus rift and skyrim for the rest of break. It’s going to be fantastic.