Boneshaker and Just a Geek

I read through these both about a week ago.

Boneshaker was entertaining in the alternate Seattle it created, though it was more interesting for the characters and the way they interacted moreso than any of the zombies or anything like that. The steampunk elements were interesting, though the story would have worked just as well without them had it been set in any 1800s town in the “real” history. That being said, it was a good story. I recommend picking it up.

Just a Geek was (I think) Wil Wheaton’s way of coming to terms with his star trek experience. It was told half/half between new writing that gave context to the other half which was previously published blog posts. It was an ok read, pretty entertaining. He still has one of those smirks that I want to kind of wipe off his face, but after reading this book I am more pro-Wheaton than neutral. It was a pretty good biography. An easy read. I think I’d pick this one up if I were bored.

Out of the two, Boneshaker was a definite yes you should purchase, and Just a Geek was more of a “meh.” I bought both of them with the humble bundle a few weeks back so they were relatively cheap. The eBooks were good quality, though Just a Geek was a bit problematic.