This concerns me, dude.

Out of all the tracking companies in all the world, I really do think UPS is one of the worst. I’ve had more packages lost through them, and their tracking updates are very poor. I’ve had a package, supposedly scheduled for delivery today, that hasn’t moved from the shipping center in Minneapolis since last night midnight.

Which means that they either forgot to scan it in, or they shipped it without scanning it, or they’ve sent it off to parts unknown. And I was really hoping to mess around with those headphones prior to the lectures going on tomorrow.

I’ve also heard horror stories (more recently) about UPS losing stuff being sent by Amazon. This is what concerns me. I want my stuff, but I want it to get here. If it was just like “processing at the MSP depot” or something like that I think I’d be ok with it not being here until tomorrow. But nope. The last thing on the tracking is arrived at, from 11pm last night.

All this concern suddenly made me think, as I was writing this, that I should be damn thankful that I don’t still live during the 80s and 90s…you know, where you had to wait 6-8 weeks for all orders, even catalog orders? Where you were stuck with whatever JC Penney’s, Sears, or Kmart stocked?

Yeah. Now I can worry about what I ordered on Saturday possibly not getting delivered until Thursday, and the item being shipped is something that I’d never be able to find otherwise.

That shot of reality made me a good deal less concerned, I’ll be honest. It is bizarre when posts change topics on you halfway through.

New headset…

My old Logitech Headset finally bit the dust. It was a clearchat USB headset, and it lasted for about 3 years through all the roadtrips and travel. Well, it went all staticy and the mic died out on it. I figured it would happen shortly, it had been cracked on the headset for the last couple months and the ear piece with mic would come unattached except for the cord on occasion.

So, I salute you, clearchat logitech plus. You served me well.

I had to go and buy another headset. It was a showdown between the Logitech H800 and the Plantronics 995.

Keith highly recommended the plantronics headset based on the quality in audio. I thought about it and was going to give it a try. However, I really wasn’t pleased with the way that their headset wouldn’t operate when charging. The more I read, the more that was going to be the deal breaker.

If the headset started dying during a lecture, then I wanted to be sure to be able to continue the lecture without switching out audio equipment (which forces, as I learned when my headset died this week, a person to close the browser down completely and get back in there…akin to a teacher having to walk out of a classroom during lecture). Plugging it in to charge would solve this problem.

Also, in reading the reviews, the last 4 months of reviews had more people praising the logitech for longevity than the plantronics. There were fewer negative reviews in those four months too. So, I went with the logitech.

The bonus as well is that the logitech can be bluetoothed up to my phone, which is a nice feature. I probably won’t use it too much, but it’s good that I’ve got the option.

So, yes. Ordered the logitech this morning, and I should have it on Wednesday. That holiday slows down the shipping times.

Btw, if you order from Amazon a lot for Christmas presents, and a few times throughout the year, I highly recommend springing for the Amazon Prime membership. It has saved me at least $100 each year in shipping, and since it only costs $80, it is well worth it.

Uff…catch up time.

So it’s been over a week since I last posted. In my defense things are starting to gear up for a busy summer. I’m excited.

First things first: I’ve recovered completely from the cough o’ death from earlier this month.

Second things: My presentation for the Kaplan General Education Conference on comparative mythology and Baldr has been finished up and is ready to go for half way through June.

Third thing: on the exact day that I’m to give my conference presentation, I’ll be starting my first day back to school as a student too. Another degree? Don’t mind if I do!

Fourth thing: I will be teaching a couple classes at BSU this summer. I’m excited to be back there, I have fond memories from when I was a grad assistant teaching these classes. Now I get to translate them to online set ups and see how they go.

Fifth thing: There are talks with Keith and Kuha for starting a sketch comedy show on Thinking about a six episode season to start with. We’ll see how it goes.

Sixth thing: My USB Logitech headsets gave up the ghost today, and it was a horrendous change from my normal talking/teaching set up. I will be looking into wireless ones for replacement.

Seventh thing: I played through the dragonborn DLC for skyrim. Much better than dawnguard. Not worth $20 though…luckily I got it on sale.

Eighth thing: I’m tired and going to sleep now. Deal with it.

Ninth thing: I’m a liar pants.

Tenth thing: now I’m telling the truth.


Is a fine field, it’s just that I’m not sure I can trust it for long term answers for any mythological investigation. Considering that “lols” is now more or less common lexicon, and in the space of about a decade, it seems to undercut the long term effectiveness of trying to trace the change of any given word.


If you’re a company out there, and I follow you on facebook, and your posts come up in my feed…please don’t copy and paste your status updates. Especially if the status updates contain criminally wrong information.

You’re wasting my time having to call you out, and you’re wasting your time by having to explain it.

This has been your Friday public service announcement.

Busy busy.

I’m just going to say that I’m a bit out of practice of handling the amount of work I’ve got at the moment. It’s not nearly as much as I had a year and a half ago, but with the last year of having very very few classes, it’s a bit of a transition.

I think I’m getting it, though, so that’s good. Tomorrow after grading, it’s time to set up a schedule so that I can stay on track. It saved my bacon two years ago when I instituted it, so it should prove as useful now.


Are the bane of my existence this term. I am extraordinarily happy that I’ve got the classes I do, but man…one course requires the students to do worksheets…and I have three sections. The biggest hassle is that these worksheets are designed to be done in a physical classroom. They are not made for online work.

This slows down the students’ abilities to get them done as well as slowing down grading.

Because, let’s face it, I can’t just give out a worksheet, dock some points when they’re wrong, and then hand it back. How does that teach anything? Consequently, it’s a long process, and one which I’m trying to get used to.

On the plus side, I know precisely what adjustments I”ll be advocating for in the future for this particular college.

Cosmoviking platforms.

So after last weekend’s conference, I came away with two things: one, sickness, two the idea of responsive web design for ComsoViking.

That’s always been a concern of mine: I want people to play the game. I have friends who have iOS devices, I own an android, and another who owns a Windows phone. That’s looking at three different platforms, plus of course the native Java I’m programming in to get the concepts down flat.

That’s a lot of GUI bullshit to get it t work.

Then, it occurred to me again (I saw again because I had thought of this before, but not thoroughly enough), why not program it for a browser? Technically it’s workable. The connections to the SQL database through PHP would work fine. Layout and interaction could be handled by html. Everything is handled via Menus. The biggest hang up would be to figure out how to use the “back” button, but if done right, that’s less of a concern.

The biggest advantage: 100% compatibility among any platform, including internet TV. No need to figure out how to do something in four different aspects: design a responsive site that works with the PHP, most of the hard work is happening server-side, and the game is good to go.

Even the plan to offer it in two forms would work: one for free, the second (which is at least double the exploration, more ships, more options) could be subscription.

So. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve got to get off my butt and do something with it once I feel better, the first couple images came in and things are looking sweet and awesome. Good times, good times!

Blast and confound it

I’m nyquilin’ up tonight. Got a bit of a cough starting and would prefer to get a good night’s sleep. I think I caught something down in the cities at the conference. I knew I shouldn’t have connected to that unsecured wifi network.